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Welcome to Waffly Sweet Gluten Free Bakery!

Made in a Home Kitchen

Gluten-Free Kitchen

Woman-Owned Business

My Story:

While living in the South and over the past 15 years I have perfected the gift of baking treats that do not taste gluten free! I strive for moist and soft bakes only. Seriously, nobody wants anything that tastes grainy, gritty, or has a weird after taste!

Along with an autoimmune disease that cooperates better if I eat gluten free, baking truly is therapy for me! Both my physical and mental health benefit from Waffly Sweet treats and so can yours!

When I first needed to go gluten free I was SAD and STARVING and could not stomach the few gluten free products on the market. After putting my kids to bed at night, I would scower the internet, consuming as many blogs as I could that would teach me how to mill my own grains to create the perfect gluten free all-purpose flour. After MANY failed attempts, and MANY hours of cleaning layers of flour off my kitchen walls and cupboards...Success! It started with cookies, then scones, bread, and then cakes and pies! As I shared them with my friends and family, my confidence grew and more people started to ask how I had figured it out? Now, all these years later, I have started Waffly Sweet, my very own Southern Gluten Free Baking Business that is bringing satisfying, comforting, tummy huggin’ bakes from my kitchen to yours! And y’all, I just couldn't be HAPPIER!

Our gluten free waffles, muffins, and cakes are created with spoonfuls of love in each batch. They will taste great right out of your freezer so you can buy in bulk and never go hungry again!

With Love, Leah!

Our products are made on equipment that also produce products that contain the following ingredients: Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts

Local pickup in 84045

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