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Based in Richfield, UT

Sugar Bean Bakery Utah

Small Batch Baker🧁Big Flavor 🏆 2023 SBDC Buisness of the Year 🏅Best of the Best 3 years

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Welcome! Meet Your Scratch-Baker - Christine

About Sugar Bean Bakery Utah Sugar Bean Bakery Utah is the brainchild of Christine Pinder, a passionate baker who believes that good food brings people together. For years, Christine has been creating mouth-watering cookies, cupcakes, cakes, sweet pastries, and savory meals that her friends and family can't get enough of. What makes Sugar Bean Bakery Utah stand out from other bakeries is her commitment to using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Christine believes in supporting her community by using ingredients from local farms and farmers' markets whenever possible. At Sugar Bean Bakery Utah, every item is made from scratch with great care and attention to detail. From the first ingredient to the final presentation, quality is always top of mind. This commitment to quality is evident in every bite of their heavenly treats. In addition to their regular menu of delicious sweets and pastries, Sugar Bean Bakery Utah also offers event catering, ready-to-eat meals, and meal prep services. Whether you're planning a special occasion or simply want to enjoy a delicious meal at home without the hassle of cooking, she can help. Thank you for choosing Sugar Bean Bakery Utah. We're excited to share our love of good food with you! We are pleased to announce Sugar Bean Bakery Utah has been awarded Business of the Year 2023

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