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We are currently in the process of opening a bakery to better serve our customers. We have temporarily deactivated our online store.
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Nuts, Nuts, Nuts!!

We are small batch, nut roasters based in Tampa, Florida. We are just starting our journey as a Cottage Foods Operation, working our way towards a store front. Currently, we use Howard's Flea Market in Homosassa, FL as our physical venue for selling and increasing brand awareness.

What is a Cottage Foods Operation?

Cottage Food Operation means a natural person or an entity that produces or packages cottage food products at the residence of a natural person or at the residence of a natural person who has an ownership interest in the entity, and sells such products in accordance with Section 500.80, Florida Statutes. (

Cottage Food Products may not be Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety (TCS) Food. (formerly "potentially hazardous" food) This means that the final product may not be a food that requires Time/Temperature control for safety to limit pathogenic microorganism growth or toxin formation.

In a nutshell, pun intended, we don't use dairy, meat, cooked vegetables, or vegetable butters. All of our products are labeled with an ingredients list per Florida State requirements, including allergen information.