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Closed 4/6 - 4/19/23 for Passover. You may place an order and it will be filled by 4/24/23. Chag Pesach Same'ch (Happy Passover)!
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From Crisis to Creation

Made in a Commercial Kitchen

Certified Food Handler

Gluten-Free Kitchen

Allergen-Friendly Kitchen

Plant-Based Kitchen

Minority-Owned Business

The Maraq Gourmet Soup Shop was founded by CEO Leslie B. Elston. It is a combination of wholesome vegetables, seasonings, fresh herbs and broth made to bring comfort and fill the greatest of appetites. The idea came to mind as my wife was in an airplane accident and turbulence caused her to have a severe back injury. Being bedridden for 2 years cause several other symptoms. The root cause was low iron resulting in creating the first soup, which was spinach.

After gathering all the wholesome ingredients and seasonings I carefully came up with a soup that was delicious, healthy and made of everyday items I already had. With a touch of love, time and fresh ingredients this wonderful soup came all together. I did not want to be boastful so I woke up my wife, the true critic!!! After just a spoon full, she lit up like a light bulb. “This is simply amazing,” she quoted. Can I have some more? Before I knew it, when I arrived back home from work she had eaten most of the pot I made.

What makes Maraq Gourmet Soups different is not only the flavor, but the amount of fresh vegetables that are put in it. Unlike traditional soups or canned soups there are no preservatives, GMOs or additives. In traditional soups you see random vegetable droppings and most of the product is broth. This soup is FULL of vegetables and fresh herbs perfectly blended together for a smooth unique taste.

Try Maraq Gourmet Soups and get a good meal, with great flavor and excellent health results. Whether alone, with friends or family you will enjoy these original combinations of soups.


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