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My Story

If you avoid gluten, you don't have to live without great flavor and texture any longer! Welcome back to the simple pleasure of indulging in a sweet treat that satisfies your senses. The heavenly aroma of vanilla, the divine taste of real butter, and the crispy golden brown edge of a perfectly baked cookie is yours once again.

I fell in love with baking at nine years old. I started with boxed cake mix and soon my mother was teaching me to bake from scratch, including several types of cookies. The kitchen became a sanctuary where I could create something delicious and share it with people I care about. But when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2019, I had no choice but to give up gluten, which meant essentially re-learning how to bake.

For a while, the joy I felt when baking was gone, and in its place was disappointment and frustration. In Autumn 2021 I stumbled upon a little baking show featuring cookie artists creating the most beautiful cookies I had ever seen, and I was beyond inspired. Something in my soul called me to try my hand at something new, and once I mixed my first batch of royal icing and decorated a few sugar cookies, I was obsessed! I became determined to learn how to take gluten-free baking from "good enough" to "Wow, this is gluten-free?"

I am proud to say that my cookies can easily compete with the absolute best there is, gluten or no gluten! I have fallen back in love with baking, and I am determined to be the best self-taught gluten-free baker there is. I know you'll love my gluten-free treats and will keep coming back for more!

Much love and baking,