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My Story

Made in a Home Kitchen

Licensed Cottage Food Operator

Certified Food Handler

Woman-Owned Business

Back in 2020 #coviddaze I really struggled to maintain work. Through the early days of the pandemic I was eating my mamas sourdough everyday and fell in love. I felt great and guilt free eating all the various sourdough breads and baked goods. 

Shortly after I got married in the fall of 2020 I started making my own sourdough, my mom passed down some of her starter to me and we’ve been going strong since December 2020! It all started as a hobby and my effort to be a great homemaker as a newlywed and now is a thriving little home business!

Before making my own bread, I would only eat bread sometimes when out to dinner, for special occasions, or when ordering a burger, but I would rarely finish the whole bun. It always made me feel too full too soon or just gross and honestly I’d feel a lot of guilt because of all the things people say about bread being bad for you or it goes to your hips/gut etc. and gluten is bad and if you want to eat healthy everything should be gluten free blah blah blah 

Sourdough is different! I can eat it everyday and not feel gross or any guilt! Whether a piece of toast or waffles in the am, a sandwich during the day, some dinner rolls or a sourdough pastry for dessert, I never have the same feeling as I do with regular bread. 

In my early days I started with loaves, waffles, and pancakes and then got creative with burger buns, churros, Hawaiian sweet rolls, poptarts, tortellini and many other sourdough treats. I found great joy in being able to enjoy something that I created from scratch, and knowing what exactly was going into it and the process in which it was made! Many know that I’m a big believer and advocate for eating things that are pure and made with great, natural ingredients. I love attempting to make fan favorite items that are normally processed and filled with preservatives into tasty homemade treats with the best of ingredients, all while staying, almost always, sourdough.

So as I explored and made new attempts, I found that the possibilities with sourdough are truly endless! From cakes, cinnamon rolls, pop-tarts, pie crusts, brownies, and cookies, to breadsticks, rolls, focaccia, tarts, pasta, pizza crust and much more. I don’t just make yummy loaves of bread, I try to be fun and make a plethora of various treats while always trying to stick to sourdough. 

Baked By Lydia was birthed in September of 2021 when I couldn’t keep consistent work. It was after months where multiple friends and followers on social media would constantly joke about once I start selling my goods, to let them know. So I finally took them up on it, I put it out there on instagram, with the simplest of menu and within a week I had multiple orders. That turned into almost daily orders and it honestly brought back a joy I hadn’t experienced in quite some time.

Although it was terribly hard to say goodbye to my Brooklyn clients who held it down, and believed in me when I had no idea what I was doing, I am so excited for all that’s ahead here in Houston. I’m excited about the future of baked by lydia and the privilege of being able to create amazing baked goods for all who trust me with this joy. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story! Please reach out if you have any questions or just wanna say hi! I look forward to serving you! 



Our products are made on equipment that also produce products that contain the following ingredients: Wheat, Milk, Eggs

Local pickup in 77092

Local delivery in Houston


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